Saturday, March 25, 2017

Horse Themed Ukrainian Easter Eggs ~ Pysanky

Horses Black White Ukrainian Easter Egg

Ukrainian Easter Eggs or Pysanky are decorated using a wax-resist method called Batik.  There are many different design elements used in creating a single egg.  My favorites include flowers, birds and of course, horses.  The horse symbolizes strength and endurance.  In ancient times it was thought that the horses of Dazhboh, the sun god, pulled the sun across the sky and because of this, the horse is also the symbol of wealth and prosperity.  My family loves to create these beautiful eggs using a simple Ukrainian Egg Decorating Kit.  They are also available to purchase and make amazing decorations and gifts for you and your horse loving friends.  Take a look below to see some of my favorite horse themed Ukrainian Easter eggs...
For even more of my favorite egg designs take a look at Ukrainian Easter Eggs ~ Pysanky.  If you need a few stylish egg holders see Decorative Egg Display Stands.

Have a very horsey Easter,

Friday, March 24, 2017

Horse Themed Easter Baskets and Gifts

Do you have a horse lover on your Easter gift list? Know a horse crazy kid or adult that would love to have a horse themed Easter? Take a look below to find the perfect horse and pony pre-filled basket and gifts.

Easter Baskets

Horse Themed Candy and Toys Easter Basket
Horse Themed Candy and Toys Easter Basket:  This adorable basket includes an Aurora plush horse, milk chocolate horse, horse notebook, horse stickers, horse necklace craft kit, horse Easter eggs with figures inside, a pink bandanna and cute chocolate carrots.

Cute Plush Horse Easter Basket
Cute Plush Horse Easter Basket:  This basket includes a beautiful black and white plush horse, Angus from the Disney movie Brave.  That's really all the horse there is to this basket but there are many other fun items included; Activity books, a jump rope, Silly Putty, many different candies and cookies.

My Little Pony Easter Bag
My Little Pony Easter Bag:  This is a gift bag filled with My Little Pony themed toys, gifts and other Easter themed candy.

Horse Play Gift Basket
Horse Play Gift Basket:  This horse themed basket is perfect for adults who love horses.  It includes two horse mugs, a horse themed picture frame and an assortment of gourmet crackers, snacks and coffee.

Easter Basket Fillers and Gifts

If you just need a few extra horse themed Easter basket fillers and gifts take a look below to find chocolates, plush toys and even a book.

Breyer Easter Birdie Horse in Egg

A Filly Called Easter

Monday, September 12, 2016

My Little Pony Costumes and Accessories

This collection of My Little Pony Costumes and Accessories is perfect for your favorite little pony lover.  They are a great choice for the upcoming Halloween holiday season and are fun for dressing up for playtime. This selection includes complete costumes, hoodies, shoes and tote bags that would be perfect as trick-or-treat bags.  Take a look below to find just what you need...

Let's get started with Pinkie Pie.  No matter who your favorite pony is you gotta love Pinkie Pie and her costume collection is adorable.  First let's look at a her full costume set...

Pinkie Pie Pony Classic My Little Pony Costume
This super cute costume includes a glitter tunic, leggings, a detachable tail and a headband with pony ears.  It is available in three different sizes ranging from 3T to 8.  

And now for Rainbow Dash.  I love almost all of the ponies but Rainbow Dash is my all time favorite...

Rainbow Dash Classic My Little Pony Costume
This classic costume set includes a glitter tunic, leggings, a detachable tail and a headband with pony ears.  It is available in three different sizes ranging from 3T to 8.

Twilight Sparkle Deluxe My Little Pony Costume

This Twilight Sparkle costume is super sparkly and has a pretty tutu, wings and headband.  It is available in a few different sizes from 3T to 8.

Any shoes that match in color are a cute choice for My Little Pony costumes.  However, if you want a little more MLP to your costume take a look at these themed slippers and shoes.
My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Costume Slippers
Any pink shoes would look adorable but for a complete look Pinkie Pie has her own costume slippers.  Of course Pinkie Pie has fun sparking pink slippers with party balloons.  They are one size like most costume slippers.
These adorable sneakers feature Rainbow Dash on one side and a collage of ponies on the other.  This design makes them a perfect choice for a Rainbow Dash or any other My Little Pony costume.  Another great thing about this sneaker is they are perfect for everyday use.

These adorable hoodies are perfect for a cover up with out ruining the costume and can be used for everyday wear.  These hoodies are my favorite costume accessory for all ponies and Pinkie Pie's hoodie is just so cute it will make everyone smile...

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Hoodie
This hoodie is available in many different sizes and there is also an option to get a matching t-shirt.

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Hoodie
This fun Rainbow Dash hoodie is available in two different styles.  It also has a matching T-Shirt option as well.

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Hoodie 

This pretty Twilight Sparkle Hoodie is also available with a matching T-Shirt.

Trick-or-Treat Tote Bags
Last but not least are a few totes perfect for collecting candy and are great for everyday use after the candy is gone.

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Shopper Tote

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Shopper Tote

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Horse and Pony Themed Cake Supplies

Cake Supplies for Your Horse Themed Party

Horse cake

Add a little more horse to your party with a themed cake.  There are supplies for both baking shaped cakes and decorating.  Take a look below to find a great selection of cake supplies for horse lovers of all ages.  You will find cake pans, toppers, edible images, candles and other fun decor.  Horse and pony themed cakes are great for celebrating birthdays, a first riding lesson, horse show, a first horse , baby showers or any other special occasion.  

Wilton Pony Cake Pan

Use the adorable pony cake pan to make all your little horse lover's dreams come true.  You can decorate it to be pretty in pink or make it the perfect cowboy pony cake.  Each aluminum Wilton cake pan includes decorating ideas and instructions.

Cake Topper Sets

There are a few different sets available allowing you to create your own unique scene.  Take a look....

I have used this set for my daughter's birthday cake.  This set includes 3 horses and 3 fence pieces.  You can create your own scene of just add them to any ready made bakery cake.

This is another set that I used for my daughter's birthday.  There are two cute horse figures and a fence.

This pretty set includes one pony topper with movable limbs and a raffia tail and fence cake wrap.

Toy Figures

Correctly sized model horses make excellent cake toppers.  You will be able to create any scene you want and they are easy to clean and ready for play or collectible decorations.  Our favorite toy toppers are Breyer Stablemates.  They are the perfect size and beautifully detailed.

Birthday Candles

These candles can be use with the above decorations but are a special addition on their own.

This is a great birthday candle for any age but with the mare and foal it is perfect for a first birthday.

NOTE:  Rocking Horse Below Available in Pink and Blue ~ Select Image or Link Below to Choose Color

This rocking horse is perfect for first birthdays and young children.  It is available in both blue and pink.  Just select image or link above and then choose your color.

Party Supplies

If you need a few special decorations, favors or table ware take a look at Horse and Pony Birthday Party Supplies for all the latest and greatest themes.

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